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Home life is a key to long term success as an entrepreneur, especially for entrepreneurs who work out of one or more rooms of their house. Personal relationships, client discussions and overall at home comfort play a significant factor in how effective and efficient entrepreneurs who work from home are. This, in turn, impacts the amount of sales and income that these hard chargers take in.

So much to love and think about as a work-from-home entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs may be the hardest, most focused, devoted and happiest of workers. They are visionaries who refuse to give up, even when facing seemingly impossible odds. It’s the makeup of entrepreneurs that attracts people - that lures thousands of people toward business ownership. Technology continues to make it easier for entrepreneurs to work from home.

What technology hasn’t done is made it easier for entrepreneurs to eliminate distractions, the very distractions that lure them away from projects, assignments and client meetings. It’s easy to click on, open and read emails each time you hear a ringing sound, alerting you that a new email has arrived in your in-box. It’s easy to answer your smartphone whenever someone sends you a text message or calls you, especially if you’re nervous about an impending sales meeting or expecting a call from a prospective client you want to secure a deal with.

It’s easy to get distracted while working from home, but it’s definitely not productive. Reduce distractions, get more done and start generating a larger income by:

  • Designating a specific room in your house as your home office and training your family members, including young children, that, when you’re in the room, you’re working
  • Stocking your home office with enough supplies to last a week or longer
  • Choosing a comfortable home office desk and chair
  • Opening blinds, drapes or curtains in your home office and taking in loads of natural sunlight
  • Keeping your home office free of a television, video game player and dual monitor that scrolls news or entertainment reports
  • Creating a daily, weekly and monthly schedule that list deliverables that you have to complete to meet due dates and financial targets
  • Playing soft music overhead while you work (if you find yourself spending too much time listening to the lyrics, turn the music off)
  • Waiting until you have completed projects for the day before you start performing errands around the house
  • Making it clear to your friends that you’re working from home
  • Exercising the courage to tell relatives, friends and neighbors that you cannot run errands for them during your work hours
  • Adding plants, flowers and motivational slogans to your home office to keep your energy levels high
  • Getting a restful night of sleep

Home should be a safe haven. However, it shouldn’t become such a comfortable place that all you want to do is lounge around while you’re home. Give into this temptation as an entrepreneur who works from home and your income may fall below your household expenses. Start taking steps now to create the type of home office that encourages you to focus on -- not run away from -- assignments, client meetings, sales calls and marketing activities. When you look at your salary at the end of the year, you’ll be glad that you did.